New team need help with building

We built this as our base what should we do next

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What do you want your robot to do? Push MOGO’s? Lift MOGO’s? Put rings in the base? Score on the alliance pole? Score on the low neutral pole? High pole?

Create designed of what you want to do. How it will happen. How it will all fit together. Design, then build.


we are competing in tipping point so a robot that can pick up mobile goal and stuff

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What stuff?

How will this happen?

Get a sheet of paper, and draw what you want your robot to look like

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thats what we need help with how are robot is gonna look/ design

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we kind of assumed this not gonna lie

there’s a million ways to do this, I’d suggest looking at tipping point reveals on YouTube to get some ideas and go from there.


Also, we can’t help you with “stuff”


Hi @Zoxlr Welcome to The forums
Here Are some helpful links to get you started but the build is for you to decide that is the fun of robotics. I had trouble to when I first started but watching reveals, speaking to regular forum members will help. I would also recommend not building the base until you have decided on what your goal intake and ring intake is going to be as you will have to completely take it apart to accommodate for these things. Best of luck and I hope you do well on your season


Also know, these are really ambitious robots. Just get ideas, and design something simpler that you think you can do


Welcome to the forums @Zoxlr !
Always start with a simple bot that will most likely work verses a complex one that seems like it will (but most likely won’t). As for the design, that’s up to your team and what you want to do. Feel free to take info from YT and copy designs, teams posted there to help others (and to show off). Good luck!

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Like @QuickFang said, first look for designs in robot reveals, and don’t just go straight for vexforum and expect everyone to do the work for you.

Also, don’t use plates for crossbeams. They bend extremely easily.


My suggestion is that If you’re a new team that have absolutely zero experience, go online, find a robot you think is good and copy it hole by hole. You can learn some basic build techniques in the process of copying, and understand how robots are designed in vex. Afterwards, you’ll probably be capable of designing your own robot.


In agreement with almost everyone else here has to say and to suggest looking at Harvard Westlake’s Amogo and dogo reveals for great build quality and much much more


you can build one of the hero robots, and build off of that

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Everyone has good input here, I just want to remind you to keep the brain screen protector on always unless you have to use the touchscreen. Even then take it off, do what you need to do and put it right on. Don’t risk breaking that screen and having to get a new brain.


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