New Team needs some pointers

Transportation of robots and equipment? I believe we have 1 robot we are going to send to the middle school division in Louisville, Kentucky this year. We are a first year team competing so everything is new to us and I am trying to make sure we will get there with our robot intact and equipment. So I have a few questions?:

  1. What is the best container to put your robot/equipment in? I only plan on bringing 1 robot, the basics: motors, small tool box with vex parts, some aluminum, batteries & chargers, controls, and tools. Nothing large at all.

  2. I saw a link on the World page, but I do not quite understand when should I send robot and equipment. Can I take it on the airplane with me? I am coming from Los Angeles, CA to Louisville, KY.

  3. Since this is a large tournament, how are the qualification matches and playoffs going to be decided?

  4. Are all teams going to compete no matter where they end up in the rankings or is there a certain amount of teams only competing in the playoffs?