New team question - how to attach team licence plate to robot?

The VRC licence plate comes with some Vex IQ plastic pegs. However, we will need to use Vex IQ plastic beam or plate to use those pegs. Is it legal to use Vex IQ parts on VRC robot? How does your team attach licence plates? Also I saw on youtube that some teams attached both blue/red licence plates together (one covers the other based on the alliance at the moment). Is this allowed?

We just screw the first one into our bot and then use the pegs to cover up that license plate with the other color if we need it. (Yes its allowed)

Any question that starts “is is legal” or “are we allowed” can almost always be answered by looking in the game manual: In this case, take a look at R5a and R5b for the legal answer.

With that being said, most teams I’ve seen use screws and nuts to secure their plates, and some come up with clever “plate holders.” Just be sure the color not being used doesn’t show.


I have 2 standoffs sticking up on each side of our chassis, and I have a blue and red plate attached back to back with some spacers, so we can just pop them on the standoffs.

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If you have access to any VEX IQ parts, take a look at the corner connectors ( They use the same 1/2 in hole pitch as EDR. You can bolt four of these (two on each side) onto your robot, then just pop the correct color license plate onto them. These are explicitly legal for this purpose only, per R5b.


Velcro. Trust me it works perfectly. Just slap that sucker on a piece of metal/ aluminum and slap another piece on the plates and boom, stuck like glue. They are also easy to switch.

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Is velcro legal?

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yeppers. Velcro is legal

That’s good to know, my team wants to add a decoration, but we didn’t know how we could have done it because tape wasn’t working.

“Is it legal?”…please look back seven posts above, but this time you’re looking at R5 (and R5d if you want to buy your own velcro) in the game manual. Vex velcro:


Our team also uses this type of design. However, my coach who brought another team to worlds.last year says its illegal. Is that so?
He said that the refs said that it causes confusion.

You can use anything to attach the license plates, provided that it does not affect the performance of the robot. Some people 3D print plate holders for themselves, others use velcro, and most just screw it on.


Take a look at R28-a-i in the game manual. For clarification on the legality.

What I mean is that it is not legal to put blue one one side and red on the other

Well that’s not exactly how the rule is written. The rule just says the second color must be hidden.

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With screws!! Lol…

(And vex IQ pegs…, they are cross listed like someone else said…)

License Plates are considered non-functional decoration so anything else that’s legal as a decoration is legal to use to hold them.

Just attach using screws, and unscrew and rescrew each time you put on the other color. (PiLons)

@kmmohn u think this will be okay?

The requirent of R28ai read:
“If the plates are attached to opposite-color plates, then the incorrect color must be covered, taped over, or otherwise obscured to ensure that the correct Alliance color is
abundantly clear to Head Referees during a Match. Since License Plates are considered
non-functional decorations, this is a legal non-functional use of tape.”

In your picture, it appears that the red plate would still be visible, so no, it is not OK.