New Team Trying To Involve New Team Member

We are a relatively new team trying to recruit new team members. We’re having trouble because people interested are having trouble starting into Vex. I got my building experience from when I first bought the claw kit, but I’m not sure how to introduce other people to building and programming. What are other teams doing to start new people?

Thank you!

Ah the problem most teams face when dealing with beginners.
What my club has done in the past is have the beginners build and program their own clawbot kit which helps familiarize them with the parts.

as for programming, I just redirect them to the tutorial I used when I first started robotC:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Build something really awesome! Like a ridiculous lift, or a 7 joint arm then show it off to people around your school. You should be able to grab to a few new members :slight_smile:

Get a few people that you think would be good then first thing bring them to an event and introduce everything to them about the game and some building styles. Build a few things then ask them to try and build something similar for practice. Also there are a lot of great websites and videos for programing

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies!
We will try all of these. :slight_smile:

As a community team, we have new members joining throughout the year. To help new students learn the system, we built a Training Workstation (we have 3 Clawbot Kits dedicated to training now).

Plans and graphics for the workstation are here:

Our new students spend 6-8 hours building/driving/programming the Clawbot trainer according to the published plans, then we integrate them onto existing teams.