New team V5 kit unavailabilty

Hi, we are a new team and looks like late to the game. Just realized that V5 kits are backordered due to chip shortage and support is saying we may get the kits sometime in December. I strongly doubt if we will even get it before the regionals deadline of 2/19/21. Any suggestions where we can find any used ones? Thanks in advance.

Where is your team located? Maybe a nearby team has one to loan or sell. Many teams in my area are not competing this season, while other clubs in the same area are growing.

We are in Ashburn, VA

Contact your RECF Team Engagement Manager and maybe they can get the word out to local teams to help out by loaning some gear.

Most schools will not allow sale of club equipment.


Thank you very much for the suggestion. Just sent a mail to our RECF team engagement manager.

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