New Tether Rule

Just wanted to point this out to people…

Looks like tethers this year will NOT need to be backed by solid material. Wire alone is acceptable. It makes sense, since this year the only risk of entanglement is really with your own alliance.

Could open the door to more flexible designs…?

Thanks for pointing that out.
I think that you’ll still have to be careful since pulling too hard will still break the wire clips and damage the wires.

Because of hanging, it might be difficult to make two large robots that separate and reattach. Maybe a little drone that can go around and get stars for a catapult or pushes objects into the near zone. It could drive off of a platform at the start of the match and then drive into a passing latch to attach for a hang.

True, but now you could use only high strength chain as a cable runner. I do not believe that was acceptable before.

I would assume that any tetherbot is going to forgo the hanging aspect of the game. Only one robot can hang anyways. My assumption with any sort of tetherbot or wallbot is that you are putting your trust in getting chosen by a top seeded robot that knows you will play well together. I wouldn’t expect a tetherbot or wallbot to do well during qualifications.

This almost makes me want to make a tether bot this year.

dont do it man

That is why I said almost, I do think it is a waste, though it does make a cool robot.

Yea, I honestly don’t think a tether bot would be “World Class”. But it would be a lot of fun and a good learning experience!

I’ll go ahead and predict that there will be at least one shot-blocking wall at worlds. Someone has to build it now; the tether ruling just makes it that much easier.

I would love to see it!