New Texas Regions?

Does anyone have a map of the new regions for Texas? From what I know, it’s been split into 6 regions now instead of 2.

I believe this is the updated map.


It has been 4 regions for a few seasons now. This season region 2 (north / Dallas) split into an east and west component. Both still have lots of teams, since the divide goes through the Dallas metro area.

The former “south” region 4 was split to a central region 4 and a south region 6 that is pretty much just the Rio Grande valley area. This is a similar situation to the former creation of a west region for the El Paso area. El Paso is just a really long drive to even the central cities in Texas. Brownsville is not quite as far, but most of the teams and local events in Region 4 are in Austin, which is a 5+ hour drive from the valley.

TLDR the creation of region 5 is about team count, region 6 is about travel distance.