New tipping point competition

For the new tipping point competition my group built a moby and the metal to pick up the rings aren’t long enough to do some real damge against the competition and we where wondering how to make the metal longer to be able to score in the higer goals.

Moby isn’t built for scoring rings, other than maybe the preloads. If you are looking to score rings on the posts you might want to look for a different design.


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Moby is a “trainer” designed to play the current game at a basic level. It is designed to be an “OK” robot that novice teams can build to learn how the VEX building system works, and if necessary, bring to a competition and at least score some points.

This is your task, to go through the design process, documenting the work in your engineering notebook, on your journey to build the best design possible for your team.


Like @kmmohn said if you want to start seriously playing to score points moby isn’t going to get you anywhere. To extend the “metal” any longer would mean risking going out of sizing.

If you seriously want a solution, you can just put a standoff on the top and the bottom of the lift stopping the rings to stop from sliding down. Then it would just be some driving skill to get the ring on the higher goals.

This isn’t allowed in the competition. VEX states that robots should not try to intentionally damage each other in the game manual (though playing defense is allowed).

Um, I think they meant that figuratively…


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