New to EasyC, looking for help.

I’m new to easyC and I have a problem. I cannot figure out how to use the button on the vex net to activiate a prebuilt code. For example, You hit button 5 and the arm moves up a certain amount and the claw closes. I believe you can do this? I think I’ve seen someone do it before, but I have no clue how. If someone could point me in the right direction, I’ll be very happy,

Ok, wow, I just reread through this are realized how poorly I worded my question (never posted before fully waking up kids), so let me try again (because I cannot edit the post). I desire to use the buttons on the VexNet control to act as variables. For example when X=1 (and X is a button) A prebuilt section of code activated, Else its rerouted back to the main driver controlled program. I have looked at the help section of the EasyC program, but I kind of got lost, mainly because I don’t know what specifically I am looking for. I think you can use a regular While and Else blocks to do this with the button assigned as the variable? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Which version of easyC are you running?

In V2 and PRO (PIC controller), you can use the Rx Input function block in the RC control group to store the signal from the transmitter to a variable. You must define the variable at the top of the flow chart in the Variables block. Then you can manipulate the variable with IF statements to do whatever you want. Remember to keep all the RC code in a while1 loop so the variable is constantly updated with the input from the joystick.

In easyCV4 for Cortex, the Get Joystick Digital is the same as Rx Input in V2. There are also some more powerful functions like Joystick Digital to Motor and Joystick to Motor & Limit. This makes mapping digital signals, like buttons, to motors much easier.

Hope this helps.

Our team is running EasyC V4 for cortex. And yes, that does help.
Thank you very much and monday I’ll try programming it in to see if it works.