New to programming

Hello, I am wondering the best way to get started on programming. My team has a programmer already but I’d love to get into more and teach myself as much as possible to help my team out. I was wondering what is the best way to get started on programming and/or some helpful tips about programming. Thanks!

Are you on cortex (grey, 2 pin motors, 3 pin ports on the brain) or V5 Brain(black everything, fancy cables, tiny battery)?

Assuming you’re using V5 (given the choice of the

VEX Coding Studio Tech Support

channel), you should consult a number of other threads:

If you are not interested in V5 programming or VEX Coding Studio, please identify the programming language you would like to use from this list:

My team is using V5 and the programmer for our team often uses C++.

Which C++?

  • VEX C++ (part of VEX Coding Studio)
  • VEX C++ Pro (part of VEX Coding Studio)
  • Robot Mesh Studio C++
  • PROS C++