New to V5 and an IB School

Hi guys,

So I’m pretty familiar with Lego Mindstorms and I have used them to teach basic programming and engineering to my grade 7 and 8 kiddos.

We got 6 classroom kits of the V5 kits and I’m trying to figure out where to start. We’re an IB school so our units have to be centered around concept that kids will explore with programming. I looked at the STEM Labs and there are a few areas that I think kids could go with.

But I’m just wondering if any IB teachers are on here and could share some knowledge. It’s my first year just teaching Design (I’ve been a math teacher and taught 2 classes of design last year).

Thank you in advance.



My school is a IBDP world school, based in Singapore (Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)… if it rings a bell to you).

But I presume you are referring to the IB middle year programme (MYP) ?

For IBDP, we do not have any restriction or guidelines about revolving our STEM around certain concepts, etc.

But I took a quick look at the MYP, and I thought VEX will fit in nicely into the Design Cycle and also some of the interdisciplinary projects?

For comparison, I would like to think that whatever you can do with teaching using LEGO Mindstorms, you should be able to do it with the V5 sets.

The V5 brain allows a wide range of programming language, from blockly type of programming all the way to C++.
But you will need to see what sort of sensors are available for your teaching purposes though.

Do feel free to PM me for more discussion.

Incidentally, I am currently crafting a tech curriculum for my school as well :slight_smile:


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