New to V5 - Motors not responding

Very new here and having problems getting drive train to respond after switching ports and re-configuring on VEXcode. They work on ports 1,2, 9,10, but won’t work when I’m trying 1,2,3,4 and re-configured. Lights on motors are OK. Wires good. Radio lights fine. These are pretty new motors, so I don’t think the ports are fried due to static.

Am I missing something completely obvious??? feel pretty dumb, but no idea what is the issue. t.i.a.

sounds like your brain isn’t telling your motors to move when you think they are.

best way to confirm this would be to open the devices menu, and manually test the motors individually on their device interface by adjusting the rpm. if they all work, the problem is in the program, not the motors, wires, brain, or ports.


It either sounds like an issue with the program or with the brain. Either the brain isn’t communicating with the motors on what they need to do. You should go into the brain and check each motor first, and if they all work fine, then go over your program and maybe have someone else glance over it as well to see if they spot any issues.

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welcome to the forum @RoboJim
could you post your code in this thread?

(use triple backslashes ``` before and after your code to format it like this) 

this will help us see if there is a problem with the code

Thanks. I’ll try the above suggestions about testing the individual motors on the device interface, then investigate the coding.

Turns out motors were all fine (thanks for the device menu tip!). Seems like using the Drivetrain feature was the problem. Motors were not responding to the controller. Switched to motor groups and some simple code to use the joysticks did the trick! Thanks.