New to Vex Competition

I am new to Vex Competition. My class as competed in Best HUB, but we are trying our hand at Vex. It looks so advanced. I know you can only use Vex products, but when watching videos of teams participating in Gateway I see like plexiglass being used. What are the limits? I have a vex robot kit, about 3 booster kits. Don’t know if that will be enough to compete or not. Any tips, hints, ETC would be greatly appreciated. If I am in the wrong forum I apologize!

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I moved this thread from the VEX product discussion area to the community VRC forum, where I think people can best respond to your questions. Welcome to VRC!

A robot that can move is enough to compete. The more parts you have, the more opportunities you can explore, but what you have is definitely enough for a start.

I would suggest taking a look at videos of robots and competitions to get acquainted with this year’s climate. Here’s a good place for that:

The plexiglass sheets are lexan. Each team is allowed to use one 12" x 24" x 0.0625" sheet, which you can cut and drill as much as you want.

The first think you want to do is to get real friendly with the rules:

The rules not only outline game play allowances, but they also outline materials which can be used outside of the VEX products.

I would also encourage you to get familiar with the VEX products. Some materials are not explicitly stated in the rules, but they are officially available via vex (rope, surgical tubing, rubber bands, etc.).

And finally, just learn. Very, very few teams build stellar robots their first go around, but as long as you learn from the forums, videos, and, most importantly, your own experiences, you’ll find that you’ll be building these “complex” robots in no time.

  • Sunny G.