New to VEX competitions

What is skills control competition? I am confused.
This is our first time to compete in Vex Robotics. How many students/kids do you bring to the competition? I know you can only have two drivers per team. I also want some others that help to go. What is the atmosphere like? We have competed in Best HUB were you have bands and all that… Do you have a pit crew like Best?
Thanks in advance,

“Please help” is not the most useful subject line. has pointer to all the rules.
In addition to the head-to-head normal game, some (most, except early or small) competitions have extra competitions for:

  • robot skills: you drive your robot alone on the field for 1 minute
  • programming skills: your robot operates autonomousely alone on the field for 1 minute
    Bring 2-20 kids.
    Atmosphere is similar to BEST, but no awards for cheering sections
    Pits atmosphere is similar to BEST but smaller, since Vex robots and tools are smaller.
    Sometimes only half a cafeteria table per team.
    Pace is a little faster, since field is smaller and quicker to reset.
    Usually just one ref per game.

Thanks jgraber. Makes me feel better about bringing 10 students. Sorry, I shouldn’t have titled it that. Maybe a few questions about competition would have suited better. Anyways, sounds great. I figure with 34 teams competing it will be crazy madness but fun.

With 10 students, and Vex use of alliances, you’ll want some students as pit-scouts, some as game observation scouts, some to find your up-coming alliance partners and plan strategy with them, some to receive scouts from other teams and brag about your robot.
Someone to be battery-master.
Lots of opportunities for kids to be bored with nothing to do, if not assigned something.

We have 5 members on our team.

We have one guy who is our “Battery Runner”, he also does scouting and another guys who sometimes scoutes.

What I mean by scouting is they watch some matches, take notes about teams that do good, then go talk to those teams.

The drive teams usually goes and talks to the upcoming match partner, and figures out strategy.

Our first competition, there were 65 teams?
It was hectic, but fun!