New to VEX EDR - Help!

We’re new to VEX EDR Competitions & have NO idea what to order. HELP! We want to make sure we have everything needed for the robot & to practice at our school. Do we get the Classroom & Competition Super Kit along with the VRC Turning Point - Full Field & Game Element Kit? What additional things do we need to “add-on” make sure our team has everything needed for a successful 1st year experience? With 12 students on our team, we’re thinking the team may be too big and may create two teams which i guess would mean we need two Classroom & Competition Super Kits? Thanks in advance!


If you’re buying V5 equipment and you’re a new team, I’d recommend this:

That’s a complete robot kit that has everything a team will need. The only issue however is that V5 equipment has a significant lead time as it is a new product.

Purchasing that, along with the VRC Turning Point Full Field and Game Element Kit, is enough for a new team to get started.

If you have 12 kids, and 2 teams, I could recommend buying 2 of those kits.

I can also create a spreadsheet detailing materials to buy, as an alternate to VEX’s comprehensive kits.

  • Oscar M.

You would also need a VEX Competition Field Perimeter Kit and VEX Competition Field Tile Kit to make best use of that full game kit. If you aren’t buying the competition perimeter, you can save some money by buying the VRC 2018-2019 Turning Point - Game Element Kit for $40. Without the perimeter and floor tiles, the other elements won’t do you much good.

Having said that, the one part you absolutely need is the floor tiles. If you don’t test your robot on the foam mats, it may work poorly during the competition.

Where are you in the world? The best thing is to befriend a local team with experience. You will learn more in an hour visiting a team than you will in a week on the internet.

Yes you’re right, I entirely forgot to mention the Field Perimeter and Tiles.

If this is who I think it is posting, then I’m near them in the area and am going to send some updated information on what to order.