New to VEX EDR

Hello, my team just came from VEX IQ and we do not really know where to start to be honest. I just want some simple questions answered if possible. My questions are what programming language should we use, where should we start as beginners, and what strategies are the best? Any other starter tips would be great.

----Kieran. C

I’ll give a combo suggestion.
Use blockly from robotmesh if you lack coding experience, or use vexCode.
As beginners you should be aware that edr is way stronger. You also need to use different kinds of nuts for fastening parts together.
Keps nut is fast and easy but can loosen
Nylock is hard to use but very tight
Dont bother with normal nuts.

Start simple: dont try for a dr4b or anything. I recommend a simple tray which should be the easiest competitive bot you can build. I can help you if you need it.

Some tips: edr is fun, but can sometimes be sanity shredding. It is not as easy as you have to screw things in, cut them, and make other design choices. Buy every length of screw, but the 1.5 and 0.5 Inches are the most useful.
Good news! A lot of things you learned in IQ apply to edr.
Have fun!


Just to let you know we don’t have the V5 parts. We have older parts. Could you tell us how to make the simle tray please? Thanks man :slight_smile:

Well, I cant give you step by step instructions, but I can give you general specs. First however, search up vids of traybots and read around.
Most traybots are actually complex trays. However they are harder to build. An example of a simple tray would be 1727G if i remember correctly.
The tilter has 2 motor for tilting the tray. Do a 1:7 ratio double stacked for 1:14. There are other ways to do this, this is just one way.
Since you are running legacy, use a standard 6 motor drivebase, 4 motor intake, 2 on each side. 2 motor tilter. However, this is just one setup, you may find that you dont like this arrangement.
Your tray will have to fold out. Search up “tray fold out” for help.
I also advise getting v5 as soon as possible, since it’s hard to compete with legacy.

Thanks man. When we did VEX IQ our robot has a 4 bar lift with a normal box base. All of the building is a slap in the face getting into EDR.

In vrc, there are very little 4 bars going around. It’s all dr4bs or cascades and the like. The mechanisms also get a lot more complex. Just PM me if you need any extra help.

Also, get used to the fact that you can manipulate parts in many more ways than in iq. In a way, if you can do with vex parts, it’s legal.

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