New to VEX & programming, interested in text code, where do I start?

Hey VEX Forum,
I personally have been teaching myself V5 block code here and there, but a new teammate wants to dive head first into coding, especially text-based code. Does anyone have suggestions on how I should get him (and maybe also myself) started? We have very little time with our robots, so if there is a way we could program without having the robots with us, that would help our cause. I have found that V5 VEXcode blocks and V5 VEXcode Pro are not downloadable on our school-issue chrome books.
p.s. This is my first time creating a topic, so if you have any criticism on it I’d like to hear that also :slight_smile:

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The first matter to address is the coding platform. Since I really don’t have much insight on the situation, I can only assume that you want to be using VEXcode Pro.

A great place to start on coding is the basics of how a program works then slowly going to the specific language. A great source is w3schools for all languages.

There are already many topics on learning code, I would suggest using the search bar before making a topic


Really any coding platform is what I’m asking for, whatever might be best for new users or best for dedicated users. The teammate who I am trying to help started doing problems and found a website with javascript lessons.
Thanks for the input!

You probably already know this, but you can’t code a VEX robot with JS. If you wanted to practice python you could use the codehs IDE (click new project at the top) or has good practice problems.

+1 for w3schools, they are super helpful if you’re just getting started.


i would suggest a C++ based program, V5 block code will use a similar syntax and it is good to learn the whole language before going to different ones especially if you are just starting out.