New to VEX Robotics: Need programming help

Hello. We are a new Robotics team (8th grade) We are in the process of building our first Robot. We need guidance in programming the EDR. Once the robot is built is there any specific steps that we can go through to make it work. Since none of us have any programming background for VEX we want all sorts of guidance that we can get. We have one member who has done FLL Robotics and that’s the only expertise that we have. What are the typical settings that we need to do into the software? Are there any sample programs that we can look to get a jump start on good programming practices? etc. etc. Any guidance is highly appreciated. We built a clawbot but ran into some hardware issues that we are sorting out. Also we use Mac notebooks as well as windows. So which software should we use as beginners and how should we go about learning to program the Robot.

V5 or V4. Also what software are u using (VCS, Pros, Text, Blocks, etc.)

Assuming you have v5 (which you almost certainly do if you’re a team with new parts this year), you should look into the following programming solutions:

  • VEX’s first-party offerings, VEXcode V5 Text and VEXcode V5 Blocks, are probably the best place to start overall. Both have plenty of example programs and tutorials built-in. If no one on your team has experience with text-based programming, you should start with Blocks, and (assuming you’re coming from EV3-G) bask in the glory of good block-based robot programing software.
  • RobotMesh Studio is a browser-based programming solution that allows you to program V5 robots in c/c++, Python, and Blockly (a graphical programming language). One cool feature is that you can ‘translate’ your Blockly code into equivalent code in python, which can be particularly useful if you’re looking to transition from graphical to text-based programming. However, RMS needs an internet connection to run unless you download the offline-only Windows version. Consider that many competitions do not have internet access available for teams.
  • PROS is the most powerful and flexible programming solution for V5. However, it’s also the most complicated, so unless you’re already familiar with programming in c++ you shouldn’t start here.

Also Javascript.

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Hi. Im a new vex participant and I was curious to know ir there is a Discord server for Vex

Don’t want to derail the thread too much but… There is no official vex discord server but there is this unofficial one that is active

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Vex v5 code and vex v5 blocks both have plenty of sample programs that should help you code your robot

There are many online resources for teaching programming for vex V5.

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