New to Vex Robotics

I am very new to Vex, and I am curious how I should familiarize/teach myself Vex Robotics on my own. I recently built the V4 clawbot, I know that the the V5 is much better than the V4, but I don’t have it. How should I teach myself Vex Coding (starting with easyc and progressing), are their any links or videos that deal with the basics when using the V4? Are there any simple projects I can follow? Since the V4 is outdated I don’t want to spend to much on parts that only work with it and not the the V5, once I have a solid understanding for coding using the V4 I want to purchase the V5 System Bundle and expand my knowledge.
Can anyone help?

Are you part of a school team or an independent?

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Well, you can watch videos other teams have posted as well as looking at tutorials online. The vex forums are a great place to ask for help, everyone is helpful and supportive!
You should also try experimenting by yourself. There’s a surprising amount that can be learned that way. Just make sure not to break anything

if you are planning to switch to v5 soon, and cost is not an issue, I suggest completely skipping learning programming for the cortex, because its a completely different language with v5 so you’ll just have to learn a new language if you switch. If you can afford it, I would recommend buying a v5 system bundle as soon as possible. Also, are you a competing vex team, or just a hobbyist?

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I am independent…

I am a hobbyist…

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hobbyist ok, that changes things a bit. if you are still planning on using v5 eventually I would still switch as early as possible, as its really completely different. Alternatively, if cost is an issue, I would stick with cortex for a while, as even though it is outdated, it works perfectly fine for plenty of applications.

Sounds Good, Thank You.

if you plan on using the V5 system, I would recommend that you make the switch as soon as possible. Because the V4 system is going to quickly depreciate, to the point where it’s only worth the cost of the mechanical parts. You should try selling it on Craigslist.