New type of high hang?

This climbing design is meant to be able to hold a lot of weigh using only one high strength motor to pull itself up. We recently competed in the East Brunswick qualifier on January 8th and hung many times during the day. Once we got all the small glitches out, we were able to hang every single time. 4542E High Hang

P.S. The robot is driving on dusty tiles and has no traction, so try to ignore the terrible positioning skills. Plus the chassis is also being redone since a triangular robot has too many problems including little to no balancing abilities .

That looks like a good model and mechanism for a side high hang.

If the sides of the ladder are blocked, can you adapt the gripper to use the rung side?

Have you considered using latex or rubber to help lift ?

Do you think the same type mechanism would work for College UHH?

17" tall tower pivot, 22" arm folded diagonally, 6" end gripper which hold the lowest point of the robot higher than the bottom of the green rungs.

After UHH is conquered, there should be a “Giga High Hang” in which the CG of the robot is above the highest point in the ladder.
eg: do a hand stand on top of the ladder.

Haha, I like that idea.

Nice job at High-Hanging, by the way! My only complaint is that it is just a little too slow for me. But still, probably the fasted High-Hang I have seen.


The hang should still work, but you would have to change how you hook onto the ladder since ours hooks at 33" and also probably add another motor to pull it up. On our bot there is one hs motor geared up to pull it up but since your arm is not 22", most of your weight is really far out so it may lift it very slowly or even not be able to lift at all.

And yes, it would be awesome to see a bot standing on top of the ladder :smiley:
Good luck with the Ultra high hang

Thanks, right now if we try hanging on the rung side the bot leans in and it cant really get up very well.

We have not really considered the latex to help lift it, we might try it out, if it works I’ll let you know.

It might be able to UHH if you modify the claw since our claw hooks at 33". You might also need another motor to help pull it up since your lever arm is longer.

Good luck with the UHH and maybe we will see some giga high hangers in the future :smiley:

I think that is a pretty common problem with the ladder, the time it takes to climb might not be worth the points. In that video the bot was moving pretty slowly, we were considering adding another high strength motor to help it lift faster, but unfortunately our order didn’t come before the competition so we didn’t have one. I will be sure to post videos of the climb as we edit it. :slight_smile: We were also thinking of using the new winch and pulley system instead of velcro to pull up, any thoughts on that?