New use for NbN balls - freeze tag ball

I had a robot camp this week and the high school robot team helpers got a chance to play the game that the camp was playing. They got crazy! Tag each other instead of scoring… Everybody wants to go after each other…

I predict schools will need to buy about 4x as many of these balls as they think they’ll need just because kids have so much fun with them, throwing them around and tearing them up. :slight_smile:

FullMetal… you are absolutely right!!! Those things are really addictive to students and we are already missing a bunch.

We don’t even have our balls yet. I’m stuck with 5 clean sweep balls, one of which had the continents laser engraved around it to make it look like a globe.

We’re also having a robotics camp next week, hopefully we’ll do something fun, too.

Freeze tag was really fun for the elementary students, but the crazy freeze tag came out with middle and high schoolers.
Here is the code:

Easyc Freeze Tag Code