New User - Robot not responding to Control!

I have everything wired up and it dosen’s work. what am i doing wrong:confused:

i got a vex kit from my uncle (Not in box). i hav everything wired up and the robot is not responding to the controler. what can i do to make the robot respond

Be a little bit more specific

Charge your batteries…

turn everything on, maybe? did you put the RC yellow cable into the wrong RX port?

is it posiable to program the robot to not accept the signal from the transmitter? if so how ddo you get it back to the factory setting?

When you got the kit - Did you read the manual that comes with it?

If you didn’t get a manual, download the most of the manual from the Vex Inventors Guide part of the web page at this URL:

Download the Programming Kit Insert for the Inventors Guide from this web page [

Once you have read the manuals, ask questions about what you didn’t/don’t understand in the manual. If you don’t do this, you will wind up spending the rest of your time with the kit waiting for other people to answer your questions, instead of having fun with the kit.


where can i get an inventer guide. i didn’t get one with my kit

  1. Please don’t open new threads for trivial questions like this one. - It is annoying.

  2. Didn’t I tell you where you can download the Inventor’s Guide?

  3. If you want to buy (insted of printing your own) a paper version of the Inventors Guide, the two obvious places are from VexLabs (their web site address is printed on the Starter Kit box or easily obtained through Google) or from eBay.

PS: The Guide that comes with the Starter Kit does not contain the material (the Guide Inserts) that you get when you buy the other smaller kits (such as the Programming Kit).

It is difficult to provide suggestions for your problem. There are a number of things you could have done incorrectly.

The Vex Inventor’s Guide is available here:

I suggest you download it, and read through it. Once you have followed the instructions, if you are still having problems please ask specific questions, and we will try to help you.

I have merged all your new-threads into a single topic. In the future, please keep questions about a single topic in one thread, this will make it easier for others to read/answer your questions, and will reduce the clutter of the forum.

Good Luck!

PS - Blake, thank you for trying to help.

I had this same problem when I first got my kit, I got it from Blake, but it was not his fault. The problem with mine was that it was refurbished and maybe the previous user had a program already on it and it was not deleted. I just used the programming kit from my team to erase all programs that were set on it and it worked fine after that. If your kit was a refurbished one, I’d check this. Ask your uncle if it was a refurbished one, if he doesn’t know, ask him how much he got it for. If he got it for a cheap $110-150 price it was probably refurbished.

Hey Mindstorms_5,

Did you ever get your Vex kit working? Have you gotten an Inventor’s guide?

PS: Without being too precise and telling all the internet creeps where you live, if you tell us roughly where you are we might be able to guide you to a FIRST Vex Challenge or FIRST Robotics Competition team in your area. They could help.

Maybe youre battery is out, Your attena isnt recieveing the siginal their are many possibilities

possibility 1. if the kit was handed down to you it is possible that there is a program already downloaded to it, …you can re format the microcontroller…
I can do it dut dont know how to explain this sort of stuff maby someone else can give you the link or something

possibility 2. if you are using the vex nicads scince i hear they were passed down to you maby they are dead… too dead+to long=ruined -thyey wont hold a charge -if the ‘‘power status’’ light on the microcontroller is green thets not your problem, if there is no light or it is red they are dead if you dont have the vex batteries then replace the nicads you need about ten
if you do have the vex batteries try charging them before replacing them you can buy batteries seprate from the charger -and one more thing if the lights on the chargre are blinking theky arent charging.

possibility 3. it is a problem with the reciver is the rx 1 or rx2 light on if not then it is not reciving any signals check all the conections

possibillity 4. the freequency crystals are not the same the yellow thing in the back of the transmitter and the chip sticking out of the reciver. you can buy a crystal upgrade kit…

try all this and if you are still having problems you can emial me:

or contact palatico I dont know if I spelled that right but look for pal - hes the programming whizz

                                       good luck,


You said your uncle gave you the kit without the box, just all the parts? If he does a lot of stuff with robots, it’s possible that he may have used a Programming Kit to program the robot, if he had used it before. If you have a programming kit, or come into contact with him, then just ask him to restore it to default code. The downloadable PDF of the programming insert of the inventors guide shows how to do that.