New V5 Brain Probem

My vex just hangs there, nothing I can do about it.

You tried update more than once ?


Yes, cannot boot after an unsuccessful upgrade of the firmware. and plug out the power and wait for 15min. It has the chance to boot up and upgrade again, but nothing different. Is any DFU mode for the V5 brain?

If update of the primary firmware fails, the brain will boot into a backup firmware image and should allow you to try again. If the brain does not boot at all ( shows just white or black screen ) then it’s most likely some type of hardware failure. If this is a new brain then call vex support and get RMA number.


This is the new brain that I just got yesterday and the first upgrade of the firmware was a failed result. It’s very sad. I need to wait a long time until I can successfully boot again, but even if I boot the system It will hang after a few minutes.

It sounds as if flash memory has failed or there is some other type of hardware failure. Do you know what version was on the brain before update ?


1.0.7 before upgrade

Ok, that’s usually what the factory is installing, I didn’t know if they had moved to 1.1.0 yet. Anyway, get an RMA number and have VEX replace it.


OK , I will contact vex
thanks anyway

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