Just announced! VEX Robotics is partnering with Bethesda game studios to release the newest edition of Skyrim on the V5 platform. Check out this stunning first look at a true innovation in gaming.

(i’m so sorry)

Don’t be sorry, it is bound to happen soon XDDD

But can it run Minecraft???

At 4K 60 FPS???

Bethesda control, ready!
In 3…2…1…
G O !

But can it run Doom?

Probably cant run any cause no net neutrality.

better than our programming laptop already

So, the V5 controller natively runs Windows Vista, then? That would explain the highly optimized software.
Or does it use WINE, barely managing the 10 fps needed for smooth gameplay?

Did you overclock overcolor the LCD for all that sRGB coverage?
Is it color-calibrated from the factory?

How’s the latency on the joysticks? Do actions register within the imperceptibility threshold of 1 second?

And, most importantly for any portable gaming system, how many hours of continuous gaming can be achieved on a single battery charge?

Given VEX’s thermal solutions through history, I’m sure their reliance on the massive heat sink that is the user will keep the system throttle-free. But I would still like to know how much overclocking headroom there is…

Stop ruining this

but can it run (you guessed it) crysis?

can i rush b with it


Now we’re talking

Where are you going for valentine’s day?

Lonely Lodge

its ok, it has to run the classic