New V5 Sensors from AI Video

There were some new V5 sensors shown on the AI video a couple of which appeared to be color and distance sensors. Do they really exist and when will they be available? Would they be able to be used for a VRC robot?

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As I understand it, you must register as a vex AI team in order to have access to those parts.

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Since they have not been officially released yet (DRow hasn’t posted about them here and you cannot buy them), I am not sure yet. But I think that once they are released, that they will be legal for VRC.


Probably, but likely not usable since most events won’t have the field strip

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In the video, they showed V5 versions of a color sensor, distance sensor, and something else. There is no way they would restrict those to AI, as cortex had them and you can use the old versions using the 3 wire ports.

It would be great to just see everything in the store so you knew what was for what…


The last one was a rotation sensor which I guess replaces their potentiometer?

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Could be a potentiometer or an encoder, wasn’t really clear from the video. Either way I’m excited to take up fewer 3-wire ports as well as have new sensors.

One looks like a V5 quad encoder, or potentiometer. (0:18 in the vex ai video, above the red gear) Ooh, and it can be put on HS axles!

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It’s essentially both.


I assume that the color sensor and whatever that thing (potentiometer?) was will be useable in VRC and VEX U, but the GPS and the “fixed” Vision Sensor most likely won’t.

Has there been an official decision on what new sensors are legal? Many of us would really like to know. Thanks.

I assume that all the sensors currently available in vex will also have the new V5 upgraded sensors available for use. I do not think the position tracking sensors will be available though.

Depth camera too?

That’s an official Q&A type question, I can’t answer that.

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If the depth sensor is allowed i will be quite happy

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