New Variations of the Tray Robot

My team has almost finished a new bot, #smallchassisgang, #trayDR4Bgang, however, it doesn’t lift the actual tray, just the intake. This way it makes it much easier to access towers because instead of scoring and descoring from the ground, we can score and descore from above which is more effective. This also allows us to access the center tower. Our robot will be able to hold 10 cubes, cascading tray, and omni wheels. Thoughts?
#traygang #smallchassisgang #DR4Bgang


Not going to lie, it sounds good, but without pics and videos, there’s really no thoughts we can give.


Thats facts. My team is planning on doing a reveal as soon as it is done.


Ok… maybe wait until the reveal to post then? Sounds cool, but not very useful/relevant to the public right now. Sorry if that’s harsh.

Edit: maybe we should shift the discussion towards talking about the viability of this new(er) design?

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I thought of a idea similar to what your describing on the way back from Worlds but I couldn’t figure out certain stuff.

This certainly isn’t original but it’s an okay approach it has its pros and cons. If it’s built right it can be a pretty good robot design choice. And since you’re leaving your tray on the ground I’d hook it up on a transmission so you can give your DR4B two motors and keep a 4 motor drive, you’ll need it with a heavy lift.

first of all I would need a picture to really know if its going to be good or not. S

Overall i would say it isn’t good. With a goofy(complex tray) bot you can easily score and descore towers. You can also put cubes in the top tower with a tray bot(even a linear/telescopic(cascading?) slide tray bot). The only advantage would be descoring the top tower, which really isn’t worth it when you have to design your whole bot around that one purpose.

Tldr: tby not worth it man your robot will be worse. I understand if you have problems with a goofy(complex) traybot. But you can easily fix those to make your bot good

Yeah you’re pretty much doing what I’m planning to do for worlds

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Your description sounds very curious.

Is your tray going to elevate from inclined to upright position?

Are you planning to lift just the intake with one cube or it could move all 10 stacked cubes?

How does it differ from the traybots that have DR4B or 6 bar mounted intakes, instead of Goofy style?

Thank you in advance for useful answers!

This is a robot just like goofy, only difference is that it has a DR4B not a 2 bar


Just trying to get ideas rolling other than Vex memes, didn’t realize people were going to get offended. Sorry if that is harsh.


I wanted to do something like that. The builders disagreed. I think that the design could be excellent if executed well, especially if it allowed for 4 motor drive.

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I’ve actually done CAD for a design similar to this, I designed a intake attached to a six bar. Though I’m not sure if it can reach center tower.

I’d have to disagree with everyone saying that building this is a waste of time. The disadvantages of this design are not unheard of in the meta and it does have an opportunity to be goofy+1 with the easier high tower placement.

I really dislike this ‘meta or lose’ attitude. I know many think that the meta is somehow superior to all other ideas by default but you are only discouraging new designs.


just look at 62A from ITZ
they made world finals with an extremely un-meta design


Sorry if I came across that way, but the beginning of the thread very much felt like someone just stating what their robot is, and if everyone started a thread for that the meaningful forum topics would be buried in minutes

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Sorry man. Do what you find fun. I’ve have some buddies on some teams who tried this and it didn’t work to well. Though if you want to do it, do it.

Id be happy to be proven wrong.

This is our design, worked well for us since beginning of the competitions. Srry, don’t want to leek yet (created with apple clips).


That a cool idea of sharing a design without sharing too much, it looks good.

drivetrain looks the same as mine. Good looking bot. Looks like what we are going for