New Versions of easyC Avalible!

Hey everyone we have released new versions of easyC, we hope you like the improvements and changes.

  • 64bit Vista Ready
  • Improved Download Speed
  • VexNet Support
  • Quickly change between Wifi and Crystal Competition Projects
  • No More Special Competition Templates (Just make your own)
  • (easyC V2) Improved Library Execution Speed
  • (VexNet) Wireless On-Line Window
  • (VexNet) Wireless PrintToScreen
  • (VexNet & Pro) Wireless Graphic Display

easyC V2 Download : easyC V2 - Intelitek
easyC Pro Download :

Sounds good, but what exactly do you mean by “No More Special Competition Templates (Just make your own)?” Does that mean that there is no support of the VEX template from years past?

By print to screen do you mean that you can send data to the vex or that you can receive data from the vex. Also the “Wireless Graphic Display” what is this exactly???

Templates: No, old templates will still work, but we no longer lock the time fields so you can make your own templates.

Check the help file for the “Print” Function and if you have easyC Pro you can also check the help file for “Graphic Display Window”.

If you want to Parse data from the PC to the vex controller I recommend you play with the following functions in easyC Pro. We do not support these functions but they are fun to play with.

void OpenSerialPortOne(unsigned baudRate); //Serial Port 1 is the Programming Cable
void OpenSerialPortTwo(unsigned baudRate); //Serial Port 2 is the Programming Cable

unsigned char ReadSerialPortOne(void); //Read one byte from Serial Port 1
unsigned char ReadSerialPortTwo(void); //Read one byte from Serial Port 2

void WriteSerialPortOne(unsigned char); //Write one byte to Serial Port 1
void WriteSerialPortTwo(unsigned char); //Write one byte to Serial Port 2

unsigned char GetSerialPort1ByteCount(void); //Returns the number of bytes in the buffer
unsigned char GetSerialPort2ByteCount(void); //Returns the number of bytes in the buffer

#define BAUD_4800 0x0081 //Definitions for open serial port
#define BAUD_9600 0x0040
#define BAUD_14400 0x01AD
#define BAUD_19200 0x0181
#define BAUD_28800 0x0156
#define BAUD_38400 0x0140
#define BAUD_57600 0x012A
#define BAUD_115200 0x0115