New VEX 2-Wire Motor Products

We have launched 2 new VEX Products related to 2-Wire Motors:

276-1842 - Motor 393 Replacement Gears - $4.99

Lose your gears? This convenient replacement gear pack for the 2 Wire Motor 393 will get you going again without having to purchase a new motor.

276-1843 - Shaft Coupler (5-pack) - $4.99

Shaft couplers are the same length as old VEX clutches, allowing 2-Wire Motors to be used in places that previously had a clutch without changing shaft length.

I’m really surprised no one else has replied to this post!

I think these new products are great and I’ve all ready added them to my wishlist. Hopefully, I will never need the replacement gears for the 393. But, it will be nice to have them just in case.

Now we just need some for the 269 motors.

Yes but hopefully with metal gearing the gears are very unlikely to break!

Breaking them is certainly more difficult, but it’s pretty easy to lose the gearing you happen to not be using at the time…