New Vex Discord Server!

Ben, from 2719B, has asked me to make a post about a new Discord server for Indiana teams! By doing this he is hoping to get some good conversation going about things that pertain to Vex in Indiana. We would ask, however, that ONLY people interested in talking about Vex things going on in Indiana join, as we are hoping to keep the discussion based on things like: competitions, building tips, coding tips/help, spam, leaks, as well as just general discussion. If you have any questions or would like me to post another link, then comment down below.

Just to be clear, you do NOT have to an Indiana team/team member to join but we are wanting to keep the discussion to Vex things happening in Indiana so please keep this in mind before joining, thank you :slight_smile:

Edit: try the link in the answer please, thank you.

It says it expired for me.

try this one

Thanks, that worked perfectly!