New Vex Forum

Check out my vex forum.

Chek out my new VEX forum

OK, I must ask… Why?

It’s getting harder and harder to find information as it is with all the forums you have to join. Why would you want another one? If it’s to learn how to setup a forum I think that’s great but as a community support tool I think it spreads the information out too much.

Just my opinion,

i agree with ken, but i am a part of the forum. i like the design alot

I dont think we really need another forum. Its nice to have all vex information in one place.
but the design is awsome!:cool:

:smiley: fantastic!!!
Now you just need people.
You make it and they will come…:smiley:

Do you have any place to put pictures?..

i just joined the forum. The smileys are awsome!

im all for another VEX forum!!
it looks WAY sweeter than this forum!!!
i just joined ( as 1086VEX) ill try to get on often!!
great job!!


If you think all of the information is in one place, then you need ask us to stell you about all of the other forums that exist… :slight_smile:

I’m sure folks will be gald to fill you in.


What other forums are there besides First, cheif delphi and vexfan?

Yes, please share all the other forums. I must be missing out because Vexfan gets about 1 update a week and is almost dead. Chief Delphi is okay, and this one is by far the most active.

I’m excited to find out what I have been missing!!!

You really haven’t been missing anything, This forum is still by far the best out of any VEX forum. I am a member to several small VEX forums other than what is on the list ( I can’t remember any of the names), but there is no activity on any of them!:mad: A new forum migt be good, but I think the format of the forum is fine. If you started a new forum, You would need plenty of members, which is the problem, most of the other forums have less than 40 people, and about 80% of the members to them don’t post or go to that forum either.

There is no need for a new forum. This forum is linked to from Vexlabs so people who are interested in Vex will be directed here. Keep everything here. If you don’t like how this forum runs make a suggestion to the mods.

Exactly, it is best to have one forum to keep everybody’s thoughts together in one organized place rather than having many different places, it gets confusing. You also don’t have to remember your usernames or passwords so much if you change then between forums.

@gamerfreek:That problem can be solved by making ur username and password
the same.I joined it but I am not sure why:P

I know that, some people change them though

Thanks for the enthusiasm

I don’t have any place to put pics but I will work on adding one.

Thanks for the suggestion

I just added a chat room for quick questions and so on. Here it is