New Vex Gateway Score iPhone/iPad App

New Vex Gateway Score iPhone/iPad App


I have introduced a new iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch scoring app to the iTunes App Store today. The name of the app is Vex Gateway Score.

The link to the app is:

Below is a short description of the app:

This app was created by a 14-year-old VEX robotics participant (4000 - Omni Eagles). We are using this app as a fundraiser for our home school team. Thank you very much for your interest in this app!

Do you enjoy watching or participating in VEX Gateway competitions? VEX Gateway Score makes it easier to count the score of a match. It’s a great tool for mentors, coaches, students, parents, and other spectators.

To score a match, simply tap a goal and select which game pieces are in that goal. It automatically calculates the score of the goal as well as the score for the entire field. When you are done, tap the checkbox to indicate the score in that goal is final.


• Save games for future reference.
• Assign team members and a match description to games.
• Preset your home team and current competition.
• Download manuals and other cool stuff (view them offline too!).
• Display the match on a TV.*
• Designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

*Requires a compatible device and cord.

Note: VEX Gateway Score requires iOS 5.

We encourage you to use the Email Support button (located in the menu of the app) to ask questions and provide feedback for future updates! I would like to make further enhancements to the app for additional scouting functionality. Your input is much appreciated. The app is available worldwide on the app store in your country.


Sounds interesting, ill check it out.

Thanks! Your feedback is appreciated for further updates.

I haven’t tried it out yet but… $1.99? -____-

I am with you.

I understand why he put a price on it, but as of now, I am broke.

The thing is, there’s a few apps already whether they’re for Android or iOS, such as the one made by Super Sonic Sparks <–free.
It looks like a great app though!

If only i had an iphone :frowning:

still, great job, anyone willing to put the time in to design a program like this gets a pat on the back from me, even if i can’t use it :wink:

Thank you for your kind words. Almost two hundred hours of coding and design development for this app. Plus, a yearly $99 fee to Apple just to get the app on the App Store and server cost to house data.

Thanks again!!

wow, thats impressive! anyone that puts in that much time for a community benefiting project deserves serious recognition from the community

great job

i think heres is a better alternative
you should make it free to download and use
but add an “optional” donate button
i find that for specific little tools like these, its the best way to get publicity, instant user feedback, and your money back

another form of this is a “free” version with ads and a “paid” version without ads
but im not sure if it will be complicated to add the “ad” functionality

Thank you for your feedback… Apple’s human interface guidelines (for app developers) does not allow a donate button. Apple would not have approved the app with a donate button. It takes a tremendous amount of extra work to actually make the app iPad compatible, not just a small screen on the iPad. Making Gateway Score compatible for the iPhone and the iPad was the work of two separate apps. You can see this by the different screen shots and functionality. We thought about ads but were not comfortable(no control) with the content of ads for the younger vex participants. If I had a free version for both I would have had to submit four apps to Apple with different coding. Thanks again for your input. It is much appreciated.

Looks great however the price do bug me . You dont have to place it on appstore. You can follow what super sonic sparks did by allowing only jailbroken iphones / ipad . Just a suggestion . Anyway, great work !

O_o .

I have decided to offer Vex Gateway Score app for FREE. I hope that all VEX participants who have an iPhone/iPad or iPod touch will enjoy using the app in their practices and competitions.


Hey, thank you so much!

This will greatly be appreciated!

Bot-E Builders,

Your welcome. Working on an update to add more features. Should be out by next week.



I enjoy using the app there is one more thing i would like to see I know that for the goals you are allowed only a certain number of pieces because anymore can be descored but sometimes they are not descored I would like to see no limit on the amount of pieces but overall I really like the app and my fellow team memebers are all using it now thanks so much


Thank you for using the Gateway Score app. I put a limit on the number of objects in a goal because I thought that 7 in a large goal, 5 in medium goals, 3 in small goals, and 4 in corner goals would be all that could fit. If you want to descore a a game piece then tap the minus sign (next to the plus sign). This will reduce the total score. I also limited the total red and blue to 22 each alliance. If you have seen a match where more than 7,5,3, or 4 in the corner then please let us know.

If this does not answer your question, let me know. Glad to hear that your whole team is getting to use the Gateway Score app!



Thanks TexasVex!
This seems like a really useful VEX app, and I look forward to using it! :slight_smile:

Simmons 2.0,

Thank you. I hope you and your team are able to utilize the Gateway Score app.