new VEX idea!

you know how everyone is always making robots that move, or robots that move in different ways, well i thought, and yes i do that occasionally, and i had an idea. i was thinking that it would be cool to make a box crane.

i have here two advantages:

heavy lifting capacity &
they move too
untitled 2 2.JPG

It has kind of already been done. look in the gallery, someone has already made one.

It doesn’t matter if it’s already been done, maybe his approach to the problem/task is different and he discovers a better way to make a crane. If anything the fact that it has already been done helps him since he has people/pictures he can use for help.

DUDE!!! That would be awesome!!
But i have one question…
How Would You Counter the weight? And make it so it wont flip when you pick something up? Because you will be picking op objects with different weights, so you would need to make a counter weight that auto balances.

Doesn’t that mean that it does matter then? the robot in the gallery only needs a platform and weight on the opposite side. Everything else that you explained is already there.