New VEX Inventor Library!

I know that there are already a couple of VEX part libraries out there, but here’s another one! Here are some of the features:

  1. There are CAD models of all VEX parts (except for the new linear motion kit)
  2. All parts have been assigned the correct material according to the VEX website, so the weight of the CAD should be accurate, and stress analysis shouldn’t be too far off.
  3. All parts have been colored as to look as realistic as possible (make pretty designs everyone)
  4. All parts have been assigned the cost listed on the VEX website. Note however that if the items were in a kit, the cost was divided up among the number of items with no regard to actual item price.
  5. All metal parts have invisible work axis put through every hole, so it’s there when you need it(cough bearing flat cough), and out of the way when you don’t.

Brought to you by Team 4542. Tell us what you think.
Here is the download link:
And here is the information and support website:

Wow thank you so much. This really helps!!! :smiley:

With your library, is there a way to color objects?

Yours are just grey, and I would like to make them crazy colors.


I appreciate you doing this!

You can apply material types (colors) if you open up the part. Then if you look at the top of the screen (at the quick-access toolbar) there is the material type drop down bar. If it is not on your quick-access tool bar it is under the view tab(i think it is that tab in the ribbon?)

Also, for magiccode, this is a great library with all the parts and everything, but they just need to be more organized. Similar to Apertures and 24’s would be great with the folder organization.

But how can I be complaining because I didn’t post one!

Could you maybe add a longer C channel? Like the 17.5" one? And maybe other common lengths like 2.5 inches (5 holes x 5 holes)

All the parts should be colored realistically. Are you viewing the parts with “realistic shading” and with ray tracing enabled?
Also, the library was made in Inventor 2012 Pro Student Version, and is not guaranteed to work in any other version. As I did not personally make the library, if you have questions or comments, please direct them to the support site listed above.


I am viewing them in Autodesk Inventor Professional 2012.

I got the free version from the student download page at Autodesk.

I was just wondering!

Thank you for doing this :smiley: