New Vex IQ beams Bent

I just ordered $320 worth of parts and what I got sent is very disappointing. I found 5 beams bent out of the box. For a team like ours, we have a bunch of 2x16s and it is not that serious for bent parts. For teams that are starting out new, this may affect them a lot. I just want to put this out there for Vex/ IFI to know.

Here are the pictures.

I would suggest contacting vex support.


Let them know I opened 2 new field kits with bent arms same as your picture. I was able to make ours work; but the issue is more than just one or two kits.

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I opened all my parts yesterday and the total came up to 20 beams bent. I am going to contact them tomorrow regarding this and ask for replacements.

What was the VEX support response on this?

They told me to fill out an RMA and told me most likely they won’t ask for the bent parts back. The RMA hasn’t been reviewed yet.

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