New VEX IQ Products - October 2017

Some new VEX IQ products have just been added to the website!

  • 2X Beam Long Pack - Contains longer 2X beams to be used for robot structure and linkages.
  • Advanced Corner Connector Kit - A large assortment of VEX IQ Connectors that can be used in many different applications.
  • Shock Absorber Pack - Load your VEX IQ mechanisms with spring energy. Each pack comes with springs in two different strengths.
Most colors are now available for purchase on the US site. Look for these new products to become available internationally in the coming weeks.

Be sure to check everything out here:

The 2x Beam Long Pack will help us better accommodate our students, we’ve been getting short on these parts.

Thank you!!

I bet the shock absorber will be part of the new game next year…

I’m thinking a slightly longer wheel base and four diagonal mounted shocks will make stretch much sturdier and not wobble. The 1/3 shocks on the claw will make gripping big stacks of rings repeatable.

Thanks for making bundles of these pieces for us!

Are they legal for this year? Are they in the legal or illegal docs???


It looks like the corner connectors are all in the legal docs already, along with the beams. The shocks are not legal or illegal yet…

Seems that the Shock absorber are also legal from what I can tell, this is on page 24 the legal part pdf.


You’re right, I missed it… Thanks!
IMT design.jpg

Strong one might be useful for H-drive. If only using one omni in the middle it my sometimes lift off of a non-perfectly flat field and lose traction.

My bag of corner kits arrived today. It’s well past awesome on the WOW scale. It has connectors that I didn’t know I needed until now. Thanks VEXIQ designers!!