New VEX Products

I just saw the product unveil and I’m excited for what’s to come! Finally there’s a battery extension cable available. I’m also interested in the new high strength shafts. What are all of your thoughts so far?

The Turbo gear sets and 3.25" wheels look amazing. I also like the new shaft clamps. Good job vex!

I agree. That’s what I like about VEX, that they actually listen to their customers. I can’t wait to try those turbo gears out (Now if only we could keep our PTCs from tripping every 10 seconds) :smiley:

I think they will work well with the new 3.25" wheels. I also would like to know what the game will be if it requires 240 rpm motors.

Does anyone know if the high strength sprockets and 4" wheels will also have the new high strength shaft holes? I don’t remember Mr. Copioli mentioning it.

240 RPM alone is already quite fast in terms of traversing the whole field. Who knows? Maybe the teleoperated period will be shortened this year and teams will need to be able to score faster? so many possibilities!

I’m not sure, really. I saw that the sprockets were grouped into size from now on, but they didn’t look any different except in terms of organization.

I don’t know about that Elliot. I’ll check in CAD in a bit. Where can I watch the unveil? I missed it by a couple minutes.

There’s the product unveil livestream. It’s also going to broadcast the new game in a few hours.

Edit: Do you know where we’ll be able to find the CAD files for the new products?

Here. It starts about 15 minutes in, if I remember correctly.

EDIT: SPAAAACE!!! You beat me.

Also, I have to say I’m a bit apprehensive with the new license plates, they look thick but I obviously haven’t gotten my hands on them.

They are already up on the vex robotics website.

Hi guys,

All of the new VEX EDR Products are now up in the What’s New category:

CAD files and details are posted on individual product pages. We’ll answer any questions we can in this thread.

Thanks! These will come in handy after tonight’s reveal. You can never start CAD too early.

Better change out all my old traction wheels for the shiny new ones. Also, is there an official date for the release? Or will we get that at a later date? Just wanted to know so that I could schedule out the summer build more effectively.

I like how it’s easier to produce and stuff, but I’m not an overall fan of them. It just seems bulky to me, whereas the old ones weighed next to nothing and weren’t the obnoxious blue and red. Just my opinion.

Maybe they are a tad bit bulky, but I still like them, for the most part. Nobody said we had to mount them on the very edge of our robots. Plus, this would stay attached to our robot in lieu of flags being lost on the field in the middle of a match all the time.

Fair enough… For the better part of this year, I don’t think I went for an entire match without losing the flag because it kept clipping the 12" bridge.

Again, I’m only complaining because change. A very valid reason, to say the very least. :rolleyes:

Eh, I’m sure the VRC community has probably been through more challenging trials and tribulations when compared to nametags :smiley:

The nametag change will be the bane of the VRC Community.

And thus, we all remembered this fabled day when the fate of VRC’s existance was challenged, and nearly brought to the brink of disaster by a bulky nametag. We will always remember all who were lost in the horrifying battle on the forums.