new vex robots from vexlabs

looked on you tube and there where some new vex robots from vexlabs including a walker a mini pingpong launcher ,and the vex mini

wow never knew they had a youtube
that walkerbot caught my attention
lot of thinking for that bot

That walker bot was so cool but they probably used 16 servos/motors to get it to move lol!

I don’t have that many servo or motors and not to mention they used a hell of a lot of metal so i couldn’t build that.

Anyways the vex mini is cool, how come we have to wait till the summer to buy it if you already have a working design? I mean if it works and you have the design can’t you just send it to the factory and have a few hundred in the box by the next week or so?

I just really want the vex mini cause the gripper looks tight and another couple motors would be nice.

Actually, I count just two motors for the walking mechanism (one for each side); most of the motion comes from the crazy linkage… Very clever design!

I didn’t see that, must be a complicated design lol!

Ah, I knew I’d seen that mechanism somewhere:

Very Nice,

Thanks for the link


Yea that link was really cool, now the idea of the walker seems really simple but can the walks go forward backward and side to side?

The coding for that walker, wow it must have been crazy. I can’t wait for these new products to come out.

I thought so to at first; in fact I was considering it as evidence that Vexplorer is programmable. But give it a closer look, and watch the animation at the link provided by Technic-R-C. I think it is entirely mechanical. I believe there is a single motor for each side driving four feet, and the mechanism converts the rotary motion to the walking motion.

Look at the red beam in the animation, and you can see how a simple motor can drive the whole motion with no programming. The whole thing should behave like a tank-style robot.

But it looks simply amazing. I think I’m going to have to try to replicate this when I get time.


  • Dean

Is it just the way everything lines up or are there some special metal pieces in there?

From what i saw on the video the entire thing can be powered by 1 motor for drive one for for the rack and a servo for the claw.

If you get really into it a single 12 inch shaft and with some plastic parts cut out make a roller cam shaft. it’s be interresting to find a better quality video of this.

John what do you know about this?

it works like a more complex scissor lift, as long as all the joints can move freely its fine

im pretty sure someone could cut up some drive shafts and quite a few 25x1 bars to make this

nonetheless its very cool :smiley: