New VEX Structure Gussets Released

We have added (4) new products to the VEX Robotics Structure subsystem:

276-2575 - C-Channel Coupler Gusset (8-pack) - $19.99
Use these C-Channel Couplers to attach two VEX 1x2x1 C-Channels together in line to make longer structural pieces. Each kit includes (8) C-Channel Coupler Gussets.

276-2576 - Angle Corner Gusset (4-pack) - $19.99
Use these Angle Corner Gussets to attach VEX 2x2 Angles together at a 90-degree corner. Useful for making structural corners on cubes! Each kit includes (4) Angle Corner Gussets.

276-2577 - 90-Degree Gusset Set (4-pack) - $12.99
Use these Gussets to connect VEX structural C-Channels and Angles at 90-degree connections. Allows for greater mounting versatility using VEX Structural parts. Each kit includes (4) 90-Degree Gusset Angles and (4) 90-Degree Gusset Plates.

276-2578 - Angle Coupler Gusset (8-pack) - $19.99
Use these Angler Couplers to attach two VEX 2x2 Angles together in line to make longer structural pieces. Each kit includes (8) Angler Coupler Gussets.

More information, including examples using these new products, is available on each product’s Web page (linked above).

Ooo, cool. I guess those people who were saying they liked the corner gussets from the matrix part set got what they wanted

These are surprisingly cool for some simple little brackets.

I was out of the office last week, and when I came back on Monday I found a huge aluminum structure sitting on my desk built using the new parts (courtesy of VEX President Paul Copioli and IFI CTO Bob Mimlitch).

I think you’ll like them. The CAD models are all available for download on the product pages; play around with them, and you’ll see they’re pretty versatile.


These seem very useful; I like the corner gussets for attaching stuff properly at the corner, and the c channel and angle gussets save needing to cut the full size pieces. Can I ask why the c channel gusset only has the center holes, unlike a cut piece of c channel though?

If you look at the picture on the product page, it shows why. They go on the inside of the existing c-channel.

WOOHOO!!! These look cool.

  • Andrew

Aww, I guess tin snips, brute force, random wounds, and mild insanity in manufacturing random brackets will not be as crucial. These would help in making structural joining points and for attaching additional mechanisms. It seems to me that c channels and standoffs still remain the best choice for base robot structure though.

Haha @JVN, VEX postmodernist sculpture? I guess AP Art History is really paying off, now that I can analyze VEX art.

Wait, so now we can attach pieces of metal together without messing up the spacing by the width of the metal? We can actually CAD what we build now!

I was actually looking for something like this a while ago. Making things out of C-channel just became SO much easier.

I have to say, finally. The lack of these in the design system always irked me. I know it’s easy to snip a C channel for the same task, but 90 degree connectors are kind of a fundamental aspect. (And the old 90 degree gusset plates don’t count because they can’t really support any structural aspects). Anyway, “Yay!”, and thank you as always.

Wow. These look great! I’m especially excited being that I’m on a college team. Making 24" robots just got a little bit easier. :slight_smile:

Are these the new products that were unveiled at the world championship, or are there more (greedy, I know)?
I think a “new products” or “featured products” page on the site would be beneficial. I see the mecanum wheels are featured on the front page.
Edit: I found a “new products” link in the News tab - it was last updated May 4, 2010.

It’s under the ‘Products’ tab, labeled “What’s New”

Oh, hey, the first option in the pull-down. Isn’t that nice.

–sheepishly backs away–:o

Don’t feel bad – we added that today because of requests from people like you.