new vex system

if you know anything about the vex upgrade, please post:D

All we know is whats linked to on the front page of the forums. These two links are all we have

We need more information!!! All we know is what we have read about in the articals, the couple pictures, and that they will be out in October/November.

Upgrade? Are you talking about Vex Robotics 2.0 (thats what I call it) comming out in October, are you talking about EasyC 2.0, or are you talking about the wheel upgrade kit? (In other words we kned more info on what you are talking about)


VEX 2.0 I believe. Though technically it’s 6.0 since the current set says v.5

Oh, that’s quite funny actually. Our team always interpreted that as Version 0.5, as in it was a quasi-beta stage. I guess we never looked carefully enough at the punctuation/spacing.

I actually interpreted it as .5 as well not v5 its kind of unclear but seeing as there are not 4 other types of kits i assume its .5 which makes no sense why not 1?

Yeah, the sheer stupidity of it possibly being .5 is my reasoning that it’s actually version 5.0. That and I’ve seen the original prototype VEXs somewhere, I think on vexlabs. There are pictures of the prototype robots they built out of the prototype parts. Versions 1-4 may never have been released.

Does it really matter what version number it is?

i talked to one of the guys from revell and he said that the new stuff will probably not be fvc legal.

it is mostly to get vex out to the community at a cheaper price.
they came up with the idea for the consumer to be able to build a robot in less than 1 hour. so basically its a kit that you will be able to buy for cheap (Maybe 100 bucks…i dont remember).

I seriously doubt that. I can build a squarebot with an arm that is fully functional in 30-45 minutes, tested. And Radioshack is supposed to be selling the new kits, they have the contract to sell the kits for VEX and so does VEXLabs, that’s it, maybe a few hobby shops too, but if Radioshack is selling it, its going to be FVC legal. I would think that it will still be in that $250-$300 range considering that the metal is sprayed down with whatever (rubber maybe?) and that it is ment for a spycam to be attached onto the robots.

Huh? I thought Radio Shack dropped Vex all together. That’s why they liquidated their share of all Vex items and/or sent them back to IFI. Besides, Revell doesn’t sell anything in the RadioShack outlet, it’s all in big box stores or hobby shops.

And new items coming out through the Revell name SHOULD be Vex legal. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be unless they are already built components, such as the gripper mechanism shown in the article on Robot.

Ok, so maybe “The Shack” did, but yeah, they should be FVC legal, if they weren’t, then the FVC would not expand and they would not want that. And yeah, I saw that gripper, that’s kind of lame though, they eliminated alot of creativity that could have gone into one you can build. I do like the darker look overall. And those wheels are SWEET! I wonder if that is an additional wheel to the family of current wheels(small rubber, all purpose, knobby) or if they are going to make a new family of wheels too?

I don’t really like the black and red or those wheels. I’m currently machining some wheels on my own that are fairly small and flashy… made from aluminum for my tiny-robot.

I am sure over time more components will be FVC legal. Such as the new gear sets and pneumatics. I dont see why they would limit it as long as it isnt something that really upsets the game.

Honestly, I don’t see the point of an argument here no one knows anything that’s OFFICIAL so we might as well sit back, relax, and be patient.

The FVC-legality of ALL new Vex parts is a question for FIRST (specifically the FVC game design committee). I’m sure that things will be clearly spelled out in the manual released this fall.


I was at a Borders book store here in Kansas City over the weekend and they had the summer 2007 issue of “Robot” magazine. I hadn’t received my copy in the mail yet so I just had to take a look.

Guess what was inside - a whole half of a page about the new Vex set coming out and it looked really great!

It is called the Vex Explorer and I personally like the Black, red, and silver colors. The new transmitter reminds me of a PlayStation style controller and it has the same number of channels - 4 analog and 2 digital. It has a wireless color camara with sound and the article said that the set was compatible with the existing vex parts.

There was more - further into the magaizine, there was a whole page advertisement. At the bottom, it said that the new set would be available on July 15th. I just had to look when I got home and sure enough it was listed. The price was $249 and it said that the orders would be filled on a first come first served basis. I went ahead and placed my order. said that the sets would ship sometime around the middle of June though.

I don’t know if the new sets will be sold anywhere else or not, but I just thought that I would pass this information on. With taxes and shipping, the total came to $273. I figured that I could always cancel my order if I found the set sooner in a local store.

Nice, Thanks alot!

I think im gonna order thar now instead of spending $300 on additional vex pieces i was about to buy. Doing this would be cheeper, and ill have the pieces from the v.5/v5 to use on the new VEX system.
Off to place an order…

Revell Monogram Vex Robotic Stytem
Is that what you were talking about?
Because you said VEX Explorer and then i saw this
and i got confused