New VEX Team Registration Welcome Kit!

We want to share an exciting new offering for VEX Robotics Competition teams that is starting to ship this week. Teams have given lots of feedback that they expect more value for their registration fee. Teams have also expressed that they would rather spend their time and energy building robots then making team numbers and flags out of paper and straws. With that in mind, we are happy to announce we’ve created a Team Registration Welcome Kit that will be shipped to all teams once their registration fees are paid. A couple VEX supporters and partners have even donated items to include for all teams. This kit will include all of the following:

· 4 Official VEX Team ID Number Plates for robots
· 4 competition flags (2 blue, 2 red)
· 2 Elevation game scoring objects (3” cubes)
· 1 Mini VEX tape measure
· 1 HEXBUG, with fundraising support information
· 1 Issue of Robot Magazine with a special subscription offer for official VEX Robotics Teams
· 1 Trial Robot Boot Camp CD from Intelitek
· Information on VEX Classroom Lab Kit and Curriculum
We hope teams like the new Team Registration Welcome Kit and find the items useful. Thank you to all the teams, students and mentors who gave us so much great feedback on ways we can enhance the VEX Robotics Competition experience. Information on registering teams, the Team Registration Welcome kit and the Elevation game animations can be found at

We wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming season and at your local events. Have a great time celebrating all your hard work and innovation. Now put down the paper, markers and straws and get back to building those amazing robots!

Very Nice…:slight_smile:

now with 15 teams…are we ever gonna have a lot of those robot magazines…:smiley:

Very nice,

Two official Elevation cubes will come in handy


A welcome kit… because IFI cares!

(Very good move in my opinion)

I’ve made my opinions known on Chief Delphi, but suffice it to say this is another way in which the VEX folks are showing themselves to be a fantastic robotics competition community.

Now you are going to need to set up your own Robotics Library, complete with a Librarian and a Check Out system… :wink:

This is the kind of information that Parents will want to see… (Personally, I am just too geeky to care! IT’S A ROBOT!!! :wink: ) It is nice to hand out materials at the Open Houses and other Public Events to gather interest, from Parents as well as Business (i.e. Sponsors).

Anybody get their Welcome Kit yet?

Progress!! I just got three ship notices and the tracking notice from UPS for my teams kits.

Hi Foster,

Here’s an update for everyone:

Hundreds of Team Registration Welcome Kits have shipped out this week, with a couple hundred more due to go out in the next week.

Remember, these get shipped to teams that have completed and paid their team registration fees (the process needs to be completed for us to send out the Welcome kits since the kit includes the VEX Team ID Number plates with their confirmed/official VEX Team ID #).

Hundreds of teams should have those kits in their hands this week and next week. As more teams sign up and get their registration fees paid, the additional kits will ship out every few days from here on.

teams from outside the U.S will get this kit too?

Congrats on showing that you care about the teams. It must be a pain on production to be making hundreds of these extras.

How many VRC teams have registered for Elevation so far?

Nice going with the license plates. Anyone know where I can get one made?

They probably will, as there is no reason why they wouldn’t

Well, sometimes due to shipping rates and stuff, teams outside the U.S have to pay extra. I think the question was geared more towards if teams outside the U.S will have to pay more.

Anyone know where I can the mini license plates made?

Not sure what you want on your license plates but these sites appear to offer some level of customization:

This looks like a very useful kit! This will definitely be something that will create a more even playing field, with the provided scoring objects, instead of making your own.

great idea—we got ours today, and spent about 10 minutes raving about the liscence plates. :slight_smile: not to mention the new hex bug that will keep us entertained until our shipment comes in!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Our three arrived on Monday. The cube is a big help its a lot firmer than the test cubes we built.

The number plates are very cool, thanks for thinking of them!