New Vex Toys To Play With?

So at worlds, VEX announced some new things coming like new cortexes, motors (I think?), and motor controllers (I think?). I tried looking online, however I did not find anything in depth about them. Does anyone now in depth about the new products coming out?

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There is nothing really in depth about them out there yet. @Paul Copioli stated they would be released in 2018 and would not be legal for In the Zone, but other than that there wasn’t a lot of info given out.

Yeah the name is weird!

I heard Mr. Copioli talking about it on the Science fields. The system will have new motors, controllers, and batteries. It will have a brand new chip from Texas Instruments with built in vision processing. Also, existing sensor will work with the new controller.

So, don’t invest in motors or batteries this year.

The problem with this is that new motors are better than old motors since they’re brushed motors. It’s definitley a delima my team is facing.

So the new stuff coming out isn’t legal for the new competition?

Not for the 2017-2018 game no.

Someone mis-heard.

Hahahaha (Plox tell us wut it is)


NOW HE CANT DELETE IT (he could if he wanted :slight_smile: )
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Man that really helps. We now know it doesn’t have one very specific thing! If we keep doing this we can get all of the details. (sarcasm)

I believe that nothing new has been announced since VEX Worlds, and Foster wrote just about the best summary of what was announced. This covers everything I heard Paul Copioli say:

Robot Mesh and Robomatter have both said that programming options will be available on day one for the new V5 controller.

Speaking of programming options, I just wanted to add a fact that wasn’t currently on the list: VEX is working with the PROS dev team to make PROS runable on the V5.
To clarify: This has already been said and I just wanted to add it because it wasn’t on that list.

Sorry about that… It’s even worse that I was Javid’s HS robotics mentor, and I still forgot.

Javid is a good kid.


HA! No takebacks :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand the greater emphasis on drag-and-drop coding these days. To me, it is not nearly as satisfying as even basic written code, and if the goal is to teach kids programming basics, I think you can definitely start small (press this button and it does this, now press both of these buttons and it does this, etc. etc.). If that is too hard to grasp at all, maybe the student isn’t cut out for programming?

That being said, I’m going to put a huge asterisk on this - I know nothing about teaching small children, and maybe they can learn drag-and-drop to understand the logic while putting a hold on pesky syntax and attention to detail that children naturally lack, as gifted as they may be. And also, I am the type of learner who can understand things visually without being directly given visual cues. Perhaps also it is so people who only care about the mechanical side of things can program without having to worry about learning about such pesky things like programming. But I think that’s a mistake; lots more engineers in all fields code, be it MATLAB, Python, or C++. And if I had been able to work around doing real programming, I wouldn’t have discovered that I actually enjoy it a lot.

I don’t really have an argument here, I just want to know why there has been such a transition to drag-and-drop coding. I understand it’s not mandatory, but I don’t get why VEX seems to believe there is more need for it, especially in VRC.

That’s because the VEX’s prime directive is not VRC. Their largest customer base consists of educational STEM programs-- VRC is really just a fun aside.

Disclaimer: this post isn’t meant to be anything more than what it is-- an explanation of the recent emphasis on ‘drag-and-drop’ coding environments

Darn it, I’m not the center of the universe! This is a lot for me to digest.