new vex user


I got my VEX starter set for Christmas and I have a couple questions. I built the squarebot that is described in the manual and I am having problems with it. It keeps beeping and whinning, is that normal? Also, only the right side of the bot is working the left wheels are not moving but the motor is trying to spin.? what should i do?


well for ur first puestion dos the beeping only start when u trun the remote on? if so if its a low fast beeping then yes thats normal. and the low tone whinning is for the motor not working make shur motor ports 2 and 3 are pulged in coreretly that may be the cos

ps im not good at spelling sorry:o

Some beeps upon startup are normal and whining from your motors seems to be normal as long as it is very high pitched a low tone is normal. As far as your motors turning but the robot not moving the only thing I would think could happen is that the axle shaft has come out of the motor or your clutch is stripped and the shaft is slipping.
Hope this helps