New VEX Website

We’ve been hard at work on a new version of the VEX website. The new site will make it even easier to find information you need whenever you need it. We’ve taken the time to organize the large amount of VEX content that has been generated over the years in a way we think you’ll appreciate.

Over the next few days you may run into some unintentional bugs, layout issues, etc… If you do find anything, please use this thread to report them, rather than starting a bunch of new threads. Please include as much information as possible (browser, operating system, resolution, etc.)


I’m using Internet Explorer and everything looks really scrunched up, if you could space out the titles of each thread I would appreciate that.

We left the forum style till the end, and it will take a little bit to make it work with the new header. Bear with us.

Don’t unscrunch it too much - I want every pixel on my screen to be doing something useful.

A little white space is useful. A lot of white space is very irritating (to me).

The wiki tags on words sometimes don’t work so well (work, for example), though the concept is good. Team tags work for regular numbers (254), but not subteams (254A).

This is an issue remaining from the past - image threads don’t display signatures correctly. Just wanted to mention it while the website is being tweaked.

Thanks Brandon,

I like the new drop down menues. Looks great! :slight_smile:

The new store seems more efficiently arranged and easy to navigate - thanks!

Also, I like that you’ve added the original IFI robotics parts as VEX Pro. However, I can see some confusion arising over parts compatibility. For instance, the Aluminum Structural Framing parts look like they might work with Vex 0.5" pitch metal.

It would be helpful to have a product inter-compatibilty page that describes what can (or can’t) be used together without modification or adapters. Also, each product page should have compatibility details in cases where it isn’t obvious from the picture.


  • Dean

In this thread alone, some of the words are underlined…or more specifically they have dots under them. It seems like the word “work” is underlined and in bellpride’s post above, there are quite a few words underlined. I was just wondering if this was intentional or what.

I’m using Chrome with Windows Vista and 1280 x 800 resolution.

Also, I guess it’s more of a personal preference, in the quick response box turns grey when I type in it. I just found the old settings easier.

  • Sunny

These are autolinks to the wiki.
Click on one and you’ll see what I mean.


  • Dean

OH. Well, that’s kinda neat and kinda annoying. :smiley:

I agree 110%

Hahhaa, the 110 in your post is underlined. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is something. The page numbers on the top and bottom right of each tread have large boxes for each number. This is actually a good idea the only issue is that you have to click the small number you can’t just click anywhere in the box so it kind of pointless to have the large boxes.

The new website looks awesome other than the few bugs we are encountering but that has to be expected with any new site.

The bodies of all? of the Wiki pages have a large swath of white space on their left when I view them. I would guess that there is a formatting error causing it.

Do other folks see the same thing?

Is that how they are supposed to look?


@gblake: can you email me a screenshot? (
@DinerKid: haven’t had a chance to fix the forum style, yet.

We’ve just changed some of the wiki linking words – and I have also changed how often they are linked … let us know if that is any better. We’re open to all ideas.

I don’t mean to be throwing a million things at you all at once. It is understood that this all takes time and you are doing a great job.

It is low on the priority list but it was nice the way the comp. documents used to be linked on the clean sweep main page now you have to go to the wiki to get them and it is a little confusing.

Hey IFI,

Awesome work on the new website. As a web developer I can really appreciate the work that was put into the new page and some of the great integration features that have obviously taken some planning.

I have to try this out…
Polynomic 3D

… No? Humm…

Anyway, I use Google Chrome and have noticed that the content div on the wiki floats over the right navigation. I’ve had Chrome do this but it would be nice to have it fixed.

Forum style is actually very well modified. I don’t know about VB but phpBB can be a pain to skin but it looks great when done properly.


Cody: The linking isn’t automatic, the wiki words are specifically chosen to be underlined/linked. That may change in the future (or there may be a way to submit words to be underlined).

The issue with the wiki in Chrome and IE8 are showing similar results (big padding on the left) … I will be fixing those today, probably.

Thanks for all the input so far, guys.

I hate to complain, but on my laptop, the Page One, Page Two, etc … Links are hard to read, the old ones were easier to locate. Maybe a more Contrasty Color.

Also, having messages in a Table, made it easy to see the Title and Author and Responses, the new layout has a slight difference in the Columns, but the individual entriesallruntogether.

The entire look is more clean, that is a plus, except when being confusing.

I really like the look of the new website, especially the store. I do have one problem though that I keep forgetting to mention. I can’t seem to get the “Image Tools” drop down menu to work on the gallery pages.

I never used to have any problems with it, but now I can’t get it to work. I have to use Internet Explorer to print any pictures out that I want.

I am using a Dell Laptop with Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 8.