New VexIQ kit - Firmware Update Crashed / Brain appears frozen


Hi: Just purchased a VexIQ kit for my daughter, and loaded the VexOS Utility on my Macbook Pro to update the firmware. Plugged the controller, motors, and sensors into the brain, then the brain into the Macbook. It recognized the controller, brain, and 2 of the motors, and I clicked Update. It ran for about 15 minutes, then the Mac “beach ball” along with an “Application Not Responding.” After the VEXos program crashed, I restarted it, but the VEXos Utility does not recognize the brain - when I plug the USB cable into the Mac, the beach ball appears.

The brain itself now, upon Power Up, displays “VEX Robotics inc. DFU Connect to PC for Program Update V1.01.” I also loaded the VEXos Utility software on a Windows laptop just to try that route, but the VexOS Utility on the PC also does not recognize the brain when I plug it into the USB controller.

How can I troubleshoot / reset the brain to get the firmware update program to recognize the brain?

Thank you,




It sounds like the Macbook is running OSX High Sierra, which currently does not support the VEXos updater.
Instead please try OSX: 10.10, 10.11 or 10.12

Regarding the Windows computer, we recommend updating the brain just by itself. No motors or sensors connected.
Also try a different USB cable, should be the same as an android phone charger.