New VexNet keys - has anyone tried them yet?

We are destined to receive our new VexNet keys today. We are sorely in need of replacements but we have a competition this weekend and I’m nervous about using the new firmware + keys so soon after they’ve been released.

Has anyone here tried them yet? Any comments on how well they work? Any indications of dropouts, glitches, problems switching out old keys with new, etc.?

We will be competing with ours tonight, I will let you know.

Just to follow up: we got our new keys four days ago, updated to the new firmware, did lots of testing the next day and ran a full day of competition that got our team into the semi-finals and we had ZERO drop-outs on communication the entire day. That’s quite a contrast to the competition a week before using the old keys at which we spent half the time dead on the field because of communication drop-outs, and our “old” keys were only a month old.

Hopefully these new keys will withstand the test of time. The way they fit into the cortex and joystick is a quantum leap in design.

We have not tested whether or not the new firmware works with the old keys, and because our old keys are already broken, I doubt we will.

We took home a tournament champion trophy using the new keys. We have used the old keys with the new firmware for debugging and uploading code without issues. From what we can tell there is no change in how the old keys behave with the new firmware.