New VEXU Team Coming to Canada

A new VEXU team is looking to join in on the fun bringing some of the best talent Canada has to offer.

We are pretty excited about the new season and the excited about what some things we are cooking up.

Look forward to more tidbits.

Welcome to VEX U! What CAD program are you guys using, out of curiosity? Also, what school?

That is solid works, and we will be a culmination of schools in Ontario.

Where are you guys located? I Am currently in looking into VexU next year

Currently we are all located in Southern Ontario

SFU and UBC both currently have a team :slight_smile:

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UBC’s team shut down. I tried to get it going at the start of this year, but there weren’t enough people interested. They’re doing some other Robotics thing instead.

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This setup is pretty :rolleyes:

And hot. Your not giving the motors any way to release heat so if you push the motors ( like you should be) you will overheat all the motors far easier than you would in any other scenario. If it was a robot already built I wouldn’t say anything but if your CADing every detail how you want it then maybe you should take things like this into account.

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Indeed it could very well be. The current setup restricts airflow to (arguably 50%) of the motor face. This indeed will trip motor breakers faster than with more airflow in other methods.

Call it a calculated risk. Trading some size for an extra feature, for some performance.

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May we ask who all is on this new team? Your Team abbreviation?

Aside from myself it includes a member of our past VEX team alum of 2809. We also have a single alum from FRC teams 781, 1503, and 3161 respectively. A team abbreviation hasn’t been determined yet :rolleyes:

Welcome to the competition! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you’re planning on doing with the motor setup pictured in the first post, but when we tried using it a few years ago we found it was capable of outputting enough torque from the central 36 tooth gear to twist shafts easily. That meant we couldn’t really use it, because a mechanism that damages or destroys a shaft every time it stalls isn’t something you want on your robot.

That was with the motors set for torque, though. You might have more success if you use speed or turbo internal gearing. It’s very compact, and making things compact will be important this year (especially on 15" robots).

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I have thoughts of starting something at BCIT since Mr. Jason Brett (apologies for spelling if is incorrect) is one of the instructors there, and has been the head Tech Inspector for most, if not all the competitions in the BC region through the years. So if anyone is interested, just say something…

Makes me wonder how that setup would perform with the new high strength shaft as the output shaft.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The 36t gear isn’t actually an output source, but rather an idler, so I would hope there isn’t any twisting shafts there :open_mouth: