New video!

I just finished editing the video of my vex autonomous robot. It is basically a robot with a lot of sensors but soon i am going to add a functional use such as a camera ect…

There is no music, i could not decide on a good song so if you have any ideas just tell me.

im not exactly clear on what the light sensor does. could you explain?

The light sensor was programmed to backup for 4 seconds when the light sensor data is less then or equal to 100.

1024 means the darkest possible
1 means the brightest

It was a basic test, i did not know how to program it to follow a light. If you could help me out with this that would be great!

I have been working on the robot and i removed the optical shaft encoders in the front and moved the battery and receiver to the back leaving the front of the robot for my turrent.

to have it follow a light, you will probably need another light sensor, one on each side of the front of the robot. when one senses a drop in light and hte other senses a greater light, turn towards light; if both sense less light, make it go forward; if they both sense more light, have it back up.

Thats a good idea, i didn’t think of that.

I am will have to buy another light sensor later to make it follow light i guess but i am currently working on another robot.

If you saw the video than you saw the obstacle course, now go into the image gallery and find the “HD Spybot” that is what i am working on right now. It will rove around autonomously through the obstacle course in the dark (With night vision on the camera) and much more but i am in the process of programming it.

I should have another video soon.

nice robot, are you going to hack the camera to control the bot? or is it just for video feedback?

No the camera is just for video feedback, i would not even dare to touch the camera. It’s not a cheap camera lol!

I am currently uploading the video of this thing in action with music, i will post the url as soon as the video is done processing.

I am going to order many more parts tomorrow and they should be here on Friday if not Monday, i am getting the grabber kit and the tri pack of metal hardware and motion so i will mount a robotic arm on this soon!

lol, cool, did you realize you’re using the nut driver as an antennae sleeve!?

lol i did not know what that was, a nut driver i still don’t see a purpose for it.

I just thought it looked cool lol!

its very useful, you put a nut at the end and then you put it on a screw and twist, perfect for hard to reach place

you should add another servo and have an arm to make the camera zoom in and out:D

I just ordered more parts and they should be here on Friday.

I got

1xTri Pack Metal-Hardware-Motion
1xUltrasonic Sensor
1xClaw Kit
1xAdvanced Gear Kit
1xPWM cable bundle

After i get these i can begin work on making a robotic arm.

cant wait to see the next version