New VRC Hub layout

What are peoples thoughts on the new VRC Hub layout? I personally preferred the old layout and found it much easier to navigate and switch between tabs.


For those who haven’t seen the new layout:

I like it because it’s letting me access the scoring calculator for Over Under. The old update before didn’t let me access Spin Up scoring, which I think is just an issue on my end, but it now works properly for me. As for the organization layout, I’m not sure yet. I’m sure I’ll just get used to it.


I personally like the redesign. I’m not sure how necessary it was, but I think the changes are overall positive. My reasoning for this is because during the competition year, we’ll probably be spending most of our time on the “over under” tab, and all the information (manual, scoring, timer) is on that tab, compared to having to back out to the main menu to switch between manual and scoring.


Don’t mind the redesign, a little weird they didn’t just move over the calculators from older games but I don’t think many people were using it anyways.

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