New vs Old CORTEX Difference P2

Here are the given pictures which have been asked for. Just if it’s hard to see, both says HR16 400 on them. I don’t really have experience with PTC’s and their types, but hopefully that can mean something xD. Another thing is that since the old CORTEX was painted, it may be hard to see as well. The new CORTEX has a number of 7112AA, as well as the old CORTEX has a number of 2522AA.

Thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:

[TVA] Delta III,

Thank you for the additional pictures.
Based on the images, we have determined that both components have the same SKU# and will have the same performance. The reason for the size difference is because there is more external coating on the leads; therefore, making it stick-out more.
Close up.PNG