new vs. old motor directions

EasyC v4 has a beautiful picture of an old vex motor (it has a clutch) as part of the “Motor Module” code block. The picture indicates with arrows which directions are considered clockwise and counter-clockwise. Unfortunately when VEX came out with the 2-wire motors they reversed the directions so clockwise and counter-clockwise are now reversed.

Please consider updating the picture to match the new 2-wire motors since the old 3-wire motors are no longer being sold. I have been helping a lot of new teams learn how to program, and I’ve the beginning programmers I’ve been helping have been confused by that picture.

Unfortunately, the picture has become just that. The small 269s and the big 393’s don’t spin the same direction in relation to each other either. In an ideal world all the motors would spin the same direction from the 3 wire through the 393.

I just tested your assertion that the 269’s and 393’s don’t spin in the same direction and it proved incorrect. Please update the picture in easyC to match the motors that are currently available.

We are running a professional development course for forty teachers this week and day one we ran into confusion about motor directions (again). This is what prompted me to run another test. We also had to reverse the polarity to the motors in order to make the robot drive correctly with the default code. I don’t want to teach teachers new to robotics to wire electrical components backwards. They should be learning to match red-to-red and black-to-black. Please change the default code so that in the future students and teachers don’t have to start out their first robot by reversing the polarity to the motors.

I’ll talk to the dev team about retesting and seeing if the change can be made.

Thank you.